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  • Raising the Bar on Special Instruction

    • Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Are you a special instructor, child development specialist, or developmental therapist? We go by many titles, but the service we provide is the same: special instruction.

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Recommended Practices

Recommended Practices is a DEC initiative that bridges the gap between research and practice, offering much-needed guidance to parents and professionals who work with young children with disabilities.

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Web Stories from the Executive Board

Bianca’s Story: Putting the new DEC Recommended Practices to Work!

Inclusion in my classroom is very important for all students, but exceptionally important when it comes to a student like Bianca. Bianca may not utilize words in the truest sense but is as vocal and has as much personality as the rest of the children in the school combined. As practitioners in my integrated early childhood special education classroom, Bianca’s team promotes her social development by encouraging Bianca to initiate or sustain positive interactions with other children and adults during routines and activities (Interaction Practice INT2).
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