A DEC Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of DEC members who have a shared interest on a particular topic. The purpose of a SIG is to engage members and provide a forum for dialogue around a specific topic of interest. 

Recommended Practices is a DEC initiative that bridges the gap between research and practice, offering much-needed guidance to parents and professionals who work with young children with disabilities.

DEC Subdivisions are state chapters comprised of DEC members. State subdivisions provide a means for networking, professional development, and information sharing among DEC members in each state.


The purpose of DECIDE is to enhance the quality of doctoral education for DEC’s future leaders through the use of innovative approaches to learning.

Check out the DEC Bookstore for helpful resources to teach students and train practitioners. Discover DEC's Monograph Series which focuses on a range of topics including Challenging Behaviors, Dual Language Learners, Assessment and Family-Based Practices. 

DEC Councils are developed by the Executive Office with input from DEC Members. Councils work in collaboration with and under the direction of the DEC Executive Office to complete specific projects and initiatives associated with fulfilling DEC’s Ends.