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Personnel Preparation
Personnel Preparation is the training of individuals who work with young children with disabilities and their families through projects and initiatives associated with preservice and in-service personnel preparation. Important in the work of personnel preparation is the creation and dissemination of policy documents relevant to supporting the preparation of a well-informed and well-developed Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education workforce.

Personnel preparation is accomplished through:

  • Professional development's primary focus is on issues and strategies related to practitioners in the work force, birth-to third grade, to ensure high quality, ongoing professional learning opportunities.

  • Institutions of higher education efforts are centered work related to promoting consistency and quality of preservice personnel preparation which includes initial and advanced preparation standards, degree programs, state certification and licensure, and accreditation.

Furthermore, DEC acknowledges the importance of discussions and interactions with related stakeholders in the processes of personnel preparation. Stakeholders include the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

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The EI/ECSE Standards (2020) -

The standards build on the history of EI/ECSE as an integrative but unique field of study, policy, research, and practice. In addition, they emphasize the distinctive skills and knowledge required for specialization in working with young children with delays and disabilities and their families.   


Program Review Resources -

The DEC can support you in the program review process! Program Review  resources for supporting educator preparation programs in the review process.   

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Resources and Supports for Pre- and In-Service Development


DEC Communities of Practice with Personnel Preparation Focus

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