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Call for Survey Participants: Share Your Thoughts about Service Coordination Workload Factors

This research project is conducted in collaboration with faculty at Old Dominion University, staff

at the Iowa Department of Education, and the Catholic University of Valencia.

We are gathering information about early intervention service coordinators’ workload. Specifically, we hope to learn more about how workload factors such as 1) the number of families served; 2) families’ levels of need; 3) the model of service coordination used in the program; 4) the need for administrative support; and 5) the level of responsibility, educational background, and specific expertise affect a service coordinator’s engagement with families, abilities to coordinator EI services, feelings about the job, and perception of the greatest needs of SCs. If you are a current EI service coordinator, please complete this survey to share your thoughts. We hope you'll also join us for focus groups to discuss this topic in more depth.

The survey is available in both English and Spanish. Flyers in each language are attached. The survey will be open for one month and will close on approximately April 19, 2024. Please email Dana Childress ( with any questions. Thank you!

Research Flyer - Service Coordination Workload_English
Download PDF • 183KB

Research Flyer - Service Coordination Workload_Spanish
Download PDF • 178KB


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