Communities of Practice CoPs

The Communities of Practice (CoP) Development Committee

The CoP Development Committee provides guidance on developing, growing and sustaining CoPs within the organization; support to CoP facilitators, and support to ensure CoPs share interests/practices aligned with DEC's Mission, Priority Issues Agenda, DEC Ends Policies, and Position Statements.

CoP Facilitators

DEC CoPs support the connection, growth, and knowledge of its members. A facilitator holds a critical role in the organization and development of the community. Each CoP has at least two co-facilitators to coordinate and organize the functioning of the group. CoP co-facilitators cultivate and nurture a sense of community and engagement through regular communication, interaction, and collaborative work among members. 


The Division for Early Childhood Guide to Communities of Practice defines what CoPs look like within DEC, outlines the process of starting, organizing, and/or joining a new CoP, and describes the activities of DEC communities. The guide also describes how the DEC CoP Development Committee and the Executive Office provide support and guidance to the CoPs.

To learn more, please contact:

Kathy Gillaspy -

Nancy Goins 

CoP Leadership & Guidance​​

Interested in forming a new CoP around a shared interest or practice?  Download the Forming a New DEC Community of Practice or contact the DEC Executive Office at



DEC Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of professionals and families consisting of DEC members and nonmembers.  Communities of Practice are formed around specific interest and practice areas to foster connections, further knowledge, and engage in conversations and activities around a common interest. Communities of Practice are a critical component of the DEC mission.

Joining a DEC CoP is easy! Click on one of the following links to learn more: