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Communities of Practice CoPs

DEC Communities of Practice (CoPs) are communities of professionals and families consisting of DEC members and non-members. Communities of Practice are formed to foster connections, further knowledge, and engage in conversations and activities around a common interest.  Communities of Practice are are a critical component of the DEC mission.


Additional CoPs to follow!

CoP Facilitators

DEC CoPs support the connection, growth, and knowledge of its members. As a facilitator, you have a critical role in the organization and development of the community you lead. The Division for Early Childhood Guide to Communities of Practice, linked above, defines what CoPs look like within DEC, outlines the process of starting, organizing, and/or joining a new CoP, and describes the activities of DEC communities. The guide also describes how the DEC CoP Development Committee and the Executive Office provide support and guidance to the CoPs.


A Guide to Division for Early Childhood Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Download the DEC Guide to CoPs

If you are interested in creating a new Community of Practice, please contact the DEC Executive Office,