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eLearning Library

Welcome to DEC's eLearning Library! This page brings together all our eLearning materials in one place to help our members and visitors find DEC's e-based learning resources easily (modules, courses, webinars, etc.).


Some of the resources are DEC created, and others are products of partnerships with other programs, nonprofits, and organizations. Each partner is recognized within the opening page and/or footer of each of their products. We thank them for trusting DEC to be their project's "forever home".


Members and nonmembers receive free access to some of the eLearning Library Content.

Members please check for discounts at checkout or registration for materials that include a cost. 


Early intervention service coordination is a mandated service under Part C of IDEA and provided at no cost to families. Service coordination is defined as an active, ongoing process that assists and enables families to access services and assures their rights and procedural safeguards.

This toolkit offers both legal and best practice suggestions to support family service coordinators in their work as well as to help families understand the role of family service coordination. Designed as a case study, this toolkit is a resource for new and experienced service coordinators.

Access the Family Service Coordination Toolkit >

The DEC Learning Deck collection contains over 100  webinars pertaining to many topics related to the field of early intervention, early childhood special education, and related fields. Each webinar is presented by experts in in the field and lasts approximately one hour (unless otherwise noted) and includes access to webinar handouts. 

FREE Learning Deck Webinar: Understanding Implicit Bias and Its Role in Early Learning Environments


CARA'S KIT and PEAT'S Suite Self-Guided Modules*


CARA's KIT eLearning Module

CARA’s KIT (Teacher Version) is designed for teachers and consultants who are involved in providing early care and education for children under age 6. CARA’S KIT contains information on how to make adaptations for individuals or groups of children who are experiencing challenges during everyday routines and activities.  Learn more >


eLearning Module

Access this learning module to explore each topic of CARA’s KIT from the introduction, to the process, to example adaptations.​  Learn more >

PEAT’S SUITE is a comprehensive package of materials that helps service providers (educators, home visitors, therapists, etc.), families, and other stakeholders support the participation of young children with differing abilities in typical routines and activities. The acronym PEAT stands for Physical Environment and Assistive Tools.  Learn more >

eLearning Module

Access this learning module for PEAT’S SUITE to explore and practice using environmental features, as well as universal, modified and specialized assistive tools.​  Learn more >



PEAT'S Suite

*CARA'S KIT and PEAT'S SUITE Online were developed by Pennsylvania Early Intervention Technical Assistance with funding from the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning and hosted by the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children. 


CONNECT Modules and Courses

CONNECT Modules are FREE practice-focused instructional resources for faculty and other professional development providers. Because the CONNECT Modules are free and do not require users to create an account, you will not receive a certificate of completion.

CONNECT Courses are self-paced and designed for professionals who work with or support young children and their families in a variety of learning environments and inclusive settings. 



CONNECT Modules and Courses

Attribution: baby on green blanket: Jennifer1982, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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