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DEC Announces Racial Equity Point of View

The Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children (DEC) unveils its Racial Equity Point of View (RE POV), solidifying its commitment to dismantling disparities and advancing racial equity within its culture and work. Embracing Race Forward's definition, DEC's RE POV outlines a strategic process of intentional, continual change in policies, practices, systems, and structures to prioritize measurable improvements in the lives of people of color. Both actual and aspirational, this living document provides a clear case for centering racial equity in all aspects of DEC's mission, including organizational structures, leadership, research, community engagement, conferences, publications, and products. Developed by the RE POV Work Group in collaboration with CounterPart Consulting, this initiative signifies DEC's dedication to ongoing review, revision, and growth, recognizing the time, resources, and persistence required to actualize its foundational principles.


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