Program Review

In July 2020, CEC approved the first stand-alone set of EI/ECSE professional standards - The Initial Practice-Based Professional Standards for Early Interventionists/Early Childhood Special Educators 2020  These standards can be used to advocate for changes to state licensure policy, to develop educator preparation curriculum, to develop professional learning opportunities, and to prepare for CAEP/SPA program review submission. The DEC is creating resources for supporting educator preparation programs in the review process.


  • The Alignment of the 2020 DEC EI/ECSE Preparation Standards and Components with the edTPA Early Childhood rubrics (10/2022) edTPA Early Childhood alignment of the EI/ECSE Standards (10/2022)

  • CEC EI/ECSE Candidate Performance Rubrics - This rubric is used by CEC EI/ECSE program reviewers to determine whether the content of the program’s assessments is sufficient to ensure that candidates meet each EI/ECSE standard. The content of all assessments cited as evidence for a standard must, taken as a whole, demonstrate that candidates have mastered the standard. Both in-service professional development and pre-service preparation programs can use these rubrics to assess candidates in ways that align with the EI/ECSE standards, whether or not they are pursuing CAEP accreditation.


CAEP/CEC and State Program Reviews: What do we have? What do you need?
Megan Purcell, Jennifer Buchter, Margie Crutchfield, Beth Pinheiro, and Michelle Sands  (9/2022) 

EI/ECSE Standards: Preparing for Program Review

Margie Crutchfield, Eva Horn, and Vicki Stayton (3/2021)