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Service Coordination

The DEC carries out the DEC Mission and Priority Issues Agenda of the organization as they pertain to service coordination in early intervention (EI). Through strategic planning and oversight, development of products and materials, DEC promotes high quality service coordination to ensure the organization is a thriving professional home for EI service coordinators. Additionally, DEC invites the family perspectives, and encourage leaders to implement the calls to action in the DEC/ITCA Joint Position Statement: Service Coordination and Early Intervention.


 Key Service Coordination Resources

Service Coordination Committee Products and Materials

  • Service Coordination Workforce Recruitment & Retention Toolkit Overview - Includes pre-packaged materials that can be used as is or customized by states, programs, territories, and other countries looking to bring awareness to the role of service coordination and to advertise for service coordinator positions.   Retention strategies and suggestions for promoting support and connection among SCs is also included. The toolkit includes the following:​​​



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