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Whether you’re an early childhood special educator, a university faculty member, a program administrator, a practice-based coach, or a family member, you draw on high quality information to support your daily interactions with young children and families. Now DEC has three additional ways you can access evidence-based practices and resources to support whatever role you play - - and all of them are free.


Resources Within Reason 

Every quarter a concise set of free resources on a key early childhood/early childhood special education topic is posted. Whether the topic is family engagement (May 2018) or the evidence for inclusion (January 2017), this one-page summary highlights great materials to use or share.


June 2022 – New Resources for Supporting Quality Inclusion

Compiled by Camille Catlett

Download the PDF

New Resources for Supporting Quality Inclusion

From Article to Action 

Ever read a great article then wonder how to use it in your work?

From Article to Action is a quarterly column that describes creative ways to use one of the articles from the current issue of Young Exceptional Children. With specific examples for professionals, leaders, and professional development providers, each column offers additional options for acting on the information and recommendations in the article. DEC provides online access to the Article to Action column and to the article on which the column is based.


From Article to Action: Opportunities for Integrating Math and Shared Storybook Readings by Camille Catlett, MA

Published June 2022

Access "From Article to Action"

Easy as 1, 2, 3, ABC: Integrating Number and Sense and Shared Storybook Readings by Katherine B. Green, PhD, and Jacqueline P. Towson PhD 

Published September 2020

Access the related article

Opportunities for Integrating Math and Shared Storybook Readings

DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Resources

Each edition of the DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series has an extensive section of annotated resources related to the topic (e.g., interaction resources), most of which are readily available and free. Please feel free to freely share or copy this resource.

Resources to Support You in Leading From Where You Are
Compiled by Camille Catlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Download the PDF

All DEC Recommended Practices monographs can be found at the DEC Bookstore


To suggest resources, or request focus topics for the listserv, please contact Camille Catlett at (919) 966-6635 or

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