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NEW Grant Opportunity for 2- and 4-year IHEs: 84.325S Preservice Improvement Enhancement Grants

Preview of the cover page of the FY2024 Grant Competition Applicant Resource Brochure
Download the brochure at the link below.

OSEP is pleased to announce a NEW grant competition:   Preservice Improvement Enhancement Grants to Support Related Service Providers to Effectively Serve Children with Disabilities and Their Families (ALN 84.325S).  These grants will support universities to expand or enhance curriculums, courses of study and clinical experiences to increase competencies for related services personnel to serve children with disabilities and their families in early intervention, early childhood and school based settings. The closing date for this competition is May 1, 2024.


Federal Register Notice Inviting Applications:  2024-03439.pdf (




325S Competition Brochure
Download PDF • 1.90MB


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