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New JEI Editor Dr. Angel Fettig and Thank You to Dr. Boyd and Dr. Reichow

First, a tremendous thank you to Dr. Brian Boyd and Dr. Brian Reichow who complete their five year tenure as the co-editors of the DEC Journal of Early Intervention (JEI) on June 30, 2024. Your leadership and contributions are appreciated by the DEC leadership and members! 

With this transition, we are excited to announce the new JEI editor. Dr. Angel Fettig.will begin her tenure on July 01, 2024. 

As aligned with the racial equity point of view commitment, Dr. Fettig and DEC leadership will be recruiting a co-editor that represents the DEC Racial Equity's priority to bring under-represented voices to the field. Dr. Fettig and DEC leadership hope to recruit and put the new co-editor in place in the first quarter of the year. Please watch for recruitment information in the DEC Update. Sign up for DEC emails here to stay up to date on recruitment and application announcements.

As part of the transition, Dr. Fettig will resign as editor of Young Exceptional Children (YEC).  Please watch for a recruitment announcement for a YEC editor in the near future in the DEC Update. 

We are proud of our past and excited for our future as we work to assure the DEC Journal of Early Intervention and the DEC Young Exceptional Children represent the best possible resources for the field for evidence based practice and research with a focus on equity. 

Learn more about the DEC Journals: learn about learn about JEI here & learn about learn about YEC here.

If the following information is something you are passionate about, please consider applying as editor of either JEI or YEC! 

Journals (Excerpt from the DEC Racial Equity Point of View)
DEC provides explicit and consistent guidelines for authors, editors/associate editors, and peer reviewers to ensure that advancing equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion are attended to in the publication/peer review process to increase accessibility, particularly for practitioners and families.
DEC requires that editors, associate editors, and guest reviewers and editors of publications demonstrate a commitment to continually building their own and their team’s equity capacity, and their commitment to centering equity in their work.
DEC maintains clear, open and transparent processes for recruitment of editors, editorial boards, and reviewers.
DEC maintains a review process that examines the rigor of study design and includes specific criteria that focus on inclusion, equity, and community engagement in the study.
DEC is committed to creating and maintaining open and no-cost access to publications and products and provides multiple print and online resources to fulfill this commitment.
DEC provides explicit and accessible pathways to publication and product development for practitioners, families, and those most directly harmed by structural racism and ableism, and incentivizes the same.
DEC prioritizes exploratory, participatory design, and other manners of centering those DEC serves in the research driving its creation of publications and products, and broadens what we consider rigorous research.


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