Updating the Practices

The DEC Recommended Practices Committee is responsible for updating DEC’s Recommended Practices. The committee ensures that DEC’s Recommended Practices inform and improve the quality of services provided to young children with disabilities and their families.  The committee approves and formalizes the guiding principles and criteria for the revised practices, oversees the process of identifying and validates the practices, ensures the active engagement of DEC members, and advises DEC on dissemination and other activities.


Current Committee Members

Erin Barton (co-chair)

Chelsea Guillen (co-chair)          

Angel Fettig

Chelsea Guillen
Kathy Hebbeler                    
Anne Larson 

Hailey Love 

Jose Martinez
Mary McLean

Lori Erbrederis Meyer

Michelle Ogorek     
Kristen Schraml-Block 

Pat Snyder 
Judy Swett    

Brian Reichow          
Sheila Self 

History and Background
The Recommended Practices were first developed by DEC in 1991 to provide guidance to the relatively new field of early intervention/early childhood special education. The original set of practices consisted of 417 different behaviors. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, DEC revised the initial set of practices and established the evidence base for them through an extensive review of the literature. Further, in 2014 DEC, in collaboration with the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA), revised and updated the practices again, and a new set of DEC Recommended Practices is now available (66 practices total). Below is a timeline illustrating the evolution of the Recommended Practices. Hundreds of individuals consisting of families, researchers and practitioners contributed to the development of the Recommended Practices and continue to shape the evolution of these practices. For more information about the development of the practices, click here to check out DEC’s Recommended Practices Monograph Series and here to view the DEC Recommended Practices 2014 video.

RP Timeline.png