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National Service Coordination Leaders Group Facilitator Recruitment

  • Do you currently prepare, train, lead and/or support service coordinators in early intervention at the state and/or local level?

  • Are you a member of the DEC Service Coordination CoP and or National SC Leaders Group (subgroup of the DEC SC CoP) looking for a way to level-up as a professional?

  • Do you want access to the most current service coordination materials being developed to share with your state/program?

  • Are you interested in developing new relationships with professionals who share your interests and passion for service coordination?

If so, please consider applying for the opportunity below!

The National Service Coordination Leaders Group is a subgroup of the DEC SC CoP for professionals who share interests and practices as they prepare, train, lead and support service coordinators in early intervention at the state and local levels. This subgroup is led by a “trio” of facilitators and is seeking a new facilitator to begin in January 2024.

Activities co-facilitators may assist with include: 1) planning and preparing for quarterly meetings; 2) facilitating quarterly meetings; 3) identification, creation and sharing of SC related resources, and 4) supporting the DEC SC CoP facilitators with planning/preparing for future web conversations and conference presentations, etc.

Co-facilitators of the SC CoP:

  • must be DEC members (learn how to become a member) and understand the shared interests/practices of the groups’ members (Leading/Preparing/Training Service Coordinators in Early Intervention);

  • should bring a diverse and unique perspective, knowledge, and/or skills to the CoP and have good ideas about how to engage and support members as a facilitator (e.g.multifaceted ways to connect/participate, development of subgroups, co-creating tools/resources, etc.);

  • must be able to commit a minimum of 3-5 volunteer hours each quarter to sustain the level of activity/involvement of members for at least two years; and

  • should not currently hold (or anticipate holding) a leadership position elsewhere in DEC.

Members representative of the diversity of DEC membership are encouraged to apply, including race, ethnicity, culture, language, dialect, age, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, and national origin. We seek representation of geography, organizations, agencies, universities and experience.

Please respond to this survey to indicate your interest in co-facilitating the DEC SC National Leaders Group (subgroup of the DEC SC CoP) by October 31, 2023. The selected co-facilitator will be contacted after the existing facilitators have an opportunity to review applications with the DEC SC CoP facilitators, DEC CoP Development Committee and the Executive Office. The selected CoP co-facilitator can anticipate a start date in their new role in January 2024.

Are you interested in becoming a DEC National SC Leaders co-facilitator, but have some questions before applying? Register here for a 30-minute Q&A that will be hosted on October 26th, 2023, from 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET. For more information about the National SC Leaders Group visit this flyer.


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