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2024 DEC Executive Board Nominations - Deadline Extended

The DEC Executive Board is seeking nominations for two Executive Board positions starting July 1st, 2024. Available Positions include: (1) Vice President, (2) General Member-at-Large. Download the full call for nominations here.

New Deadline: Submit your application by March 18th, 2024, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Board Member Responsibilities

The DEC Executive Board utilizes a structure of Policy Governance and purpose-driven approach to focus their time and effort on ensuring accountability of the organization to fulfill its organizational mission and purpose. Board members work collectively to support DEC members to meet our DEC mission, DEC Ends, Priority Issues Agenda, and Racial Equity Point-of-View. It is encouraged for interested people to review DEC’s Foundational Materials when preparing their application.

All DEC Executive Board members contribute a minimum of 100 hours of their time annually (e.g., participate in meetings, attend conferences, serve as committee liaisons, contribute to workgroups) and commit to the following responsibilities:

1. Linking with DEC members to get and give information so the Board can best represent DEC members, and members can be well informed about the Board’s work.

2. Establishing and implementing written policies that reflect DEC’s mission and values and serve to guide strategically the direction of the organization, manage organizational risk, and meet the board’s fiduciary responsibility.

3. Monitoring policies to ensure identified outcomes are being achieved and organizational risk is minimized.

Additional board responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following activities:

1. Preparing for and participating in all Board meetings. This currently involves monthly virtual meetings (approximately 3-hours each).

2. Traveling to and attending all face-to-face Board meetings and other required activities at the DEC and CEC annual conferences (approximately 7 days a year). Funding support for travel and conference fees is available, as needed/requested.

3. Serving on Board committees.

4. Acting as a liaison for DEC initiatives as assigned (Committees).

To learn more about DEC Executive Board activities and policies, please see the DEC EB Policy Manual.

Vice President

Four-year commitment (serving one-year terms as Vice President, President Elect, President, and Past President) and empowered to assume the role of President-Elect or President, as necessary. VP assumes leadership responsibilities in linking with DEC’s members through serving DEC and CEC committees such as the Executive Board Nominations Committee. 


Three-year commitment, assuming leadership responsibilities in linking with DEC’s members through serving on the Executive Board Policy Committee, Executive Board Nominations Committee, and acting as an Executive Board Liaison for a variety of other DEC initiatives.

Nominations Packet

Nominations Process and Timeline

Elections Process and Timeline

Transition to Board Responsibilities




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