Journal of Early Intervention Special Issue: Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now open for the Journal of Early Intervention Special Issue: Early Childhood Education and Intervention is Online: Implementation and Effectiveness of Strategies that Support Remote Delivery of Evidence-Based Practices.

Guest Editors:

Hedda Meadan, PhD, BCBA-D – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Jay Buzhardt, PhD – University of Kansas, Juniper Gardens Children’s Project

Manuscript Submissions are due January 31st, 2021.

Although remote delivery of early childhood services is not new, the Coronavirus Pandemic has accelerated the use of these once uncommon methods of delivering services and training. Therefore, we invite manuscripts for this special issue that report original research on methods and/or technology that support remote delivery of services for young children with developmental disabilities, delays, or at risk for developmental delays; including their families and individuals who provide services for these children and families. As a general guideline, JEI defines ‘young children’ as those eight years or younger. Manuscripts of interest include but are

not limited to

  • Direct intervention with children

  • Training and/or coaching of parents/caregivers

  • Practitioner training, professional development, or supervision

  • Performance and/or feasibility of assessments (child or parent/caregiver) administered remotely, including existing assessments traditionally delivered face-to-face or new ones designed specifically for remote administration

  • Measurement of fidelity or quality of services delivered remotely

This is not an exhaustive list of content areas. All original research that informs remote early childhood education or service delivery are welcome. Priority will be given to data-based papers ranging from program evaluations of remote delivery models without comparison conditions, to experimental studies that use single-case or group design methods. Please see the JEI website for a comprehensive list of acceptable types of manuscripts as well as JEI’s submission guidelines ( To designate a special issue submission, please select “Special Issue” as the manuscript type in Step 1 of the submission form.

Please direct questions about the content of submissions to Jay Buzhardt ( or Hedda Meadan (

Please direct questions about the submission guidelines or process to Veronica Glaeser (

JEI Special Issue Call for Papers 2020
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