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Call for Policy and Advocacy Community of Practice Co-Facilitator

DEC is committed to. . .

  1. Competent Professionals and Families;

  2. Informed Professionals and Families;

  3. Connections Among Professionals and Families;

  4. Informed Policy Makers.

The mission of the Policy and Advocacy Community of Practice (P&A CoP) is to build a collaborative community where like-minded people can come together to share, learn, and join efforts through strong content knowledge and passionate engagement around public policies that affect young children with disabilities and other special needs and their families.

At this time, the DEC is seeking to recruit one co-facilitator to partner with the existing P & A CoP facilitator. Duties would begin in January 2024. Once a co-facilitator is identified, there will be a period of transition where the incoming co-facilitator will work with the current co-facilitators (we anticipate a transition period of 2 months).

Activities co-facilitators are responsible for include and are not limited to:

  1. ongoing outreach and awareness of the DEC P&A CoP,

  2. periodic meetings to plan/prepare for future P&A CoP meetings/activities,

  3. identification and sharing of P&A related resources,

  4. facilitation of P&A CoP meetings where members share practices and problem-solve with one another,

  5. participation in periodic DEC CoP Facilitators CoP meetings where you get support in the community with other CoP facilitators within DEC.

Co-facilitators of the P&A CoP:

  • must be a DEC member (learn how to become a member);

  • must understand the shared interests/practices of the groups’ members;

  • should have knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Policy and Advocacy;

  • should bring a diverse and unique perspective, knowledge, and/or skills to the CoP and have ideas about how to engage and support members as a facilitator (e.g. multifaceted ways to connect/participate, ideas for topics of interest, etc.);

  • must be able to commit a minimum of 2-5 volunteer hours each month to sustain the level of activity/involvement of members for at least a two-year period; and

  • should not currently hold (or anticipate holding) a leadership position elsewhere in DEC.

We invite you to take this opportunity to become an engaged and active leader within DEC! Members representative of the diversity of DEC membership are encouraged to apply, including race, ethnicity, culture, language, dialect, age, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, and national origin. We seek representation of geography, organizations, agencies, universities, and experience. We seek members representing all member categories (practitioners, family members, higher education faculty, etc.).


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