Call for New DEC Committee: DEC Program Review Committee

DEC is establishing a new committee whose responsibility will be to support, monitor, and provide guidance to the CEC/DEC program review and recognition process.

What is the DEC Program Review Committee?

DEC recently developed the first set of stand-alone standards for the preparation of Early Intervention and Early Special Education professionals. These standards have been approved by the CEC Board of Directors and by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) for use in the CEC/CAEP program review process.

Beginning in Spring 2022, all EI/ECSE programs going through the CEC/CAEP program review process will be required to use the new EI/ECSE standards. Prior to Spring 2022, programs can choose to use the new standards but are not required to do so.

CEC has partnered with NCATE and CAEP for more than 25 years to review special education teacher preparation programs as part of the accreditation process. This process required EI/ECSE programs to demonstrate that they met the CEC Standards as informed by the EI/ECSE Knowledge and Skills Specialty Set. With the approval of stand-alone EI/ECSE standards, programs will no longer be evaluated against the CEC Special Education Standards but now will be reviewed against the EI/ECSE Standards.

CEC has always been responsible for providing resources to programs going through the review process, training program reviewers, maintaining records, monitoring reviewers and auditing program recognition reports, etc. Now that there are EI/ECSE Standards, DEC will collaborate with CEC staff and volunteers to create EI/ECSE-specific resources and training for both programs and reviewers. DEC will also actively monitor and analyze the EI/ECSE program review process and reviewer decision-making.

Example activities to expect from the Program Review Committee:

  • Develop and/or evaluate resource materials for EI/ECSE programs seeking national recognition through the CEC review process. These could include sample assessments, sample syllabi, model program reports, on-line resources, etc.

  • Develop and/or evaluate initial and on-going training and resources for EI/ECSE program reviewers. These could include mock reports for training, ongoing modification of decision rubrics, on-line training materials, etc.

  • Participate, as needed, in training of programs and of program reviewers.

  • Annually monitor and analyze efficiency and accuracy of program reviews

  • Select program reviewers

  • Coordinate with CEC staff to ensure consistency across the program review process

Program Review Committee Composition

The DEC Program Review Committee consists of individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to personnel preparation over the years. The membership is made up of DEC is recruiting 5 members (at least 3 from IHE EI/ECSE training programs) for this committee. Members must be current members of CEC/DEC. Members volunteer their time and are not considered members of the DEC Executive Board.

Member Qualifications and Expectations

  • Must be a CEC/DEC member in good standing

  • Have a significant interest and/or experience in teacher preparation standards, assessment of teacher candidates, and/or the program review process

  • Attend and contribute to project work and conference calls/virtual meetings

  • Make the necessary time commitment (approximately 8-10 hours per month although this may be staggered across the year)

DEC Committees

The DEC Program Review Committee functions as a necessary and significant arm of the DEC Executive Office. DEC’s Committees are officially recognized bodies of DEC members that are supported by the DEC Executive Office and are liaised by members of the DEC Executive Board. DEC Committees embrace and support the division’s formal positions and proactively participate in developing, maintaining, and evolving strategies and initiatives crucial and central to supporting DEC’s mission and ends policies.

Apply by Friday, February 19th, 2021 for consideration. Complete the application here.

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