DEC and the Power to the Profession: A Call for DEC Member Engagement - Decision Cycle 2

July 6, 2017

DEC is a member of the national Task Force convened to use feedback from the field and available research to establish the shared framework for the profession. This important conversation impacts the work each of you do on a daily basis as well as the work of our partners/team members. Where does DEC fit in this important initiative? What are the implications of this work for your work?


We're requesting feedback from DEC members and community members for decision cycle 2 of this process. 


The first decision cycle, Professional Identity and Boundary, determined the profession that we commit to advancing and governing and the profession's role and responsibilities. 


The survey, linked below, is to gather feedback on Decision Cycle 2, Working Draft 1. 


Read the full draft.


Complete the survey here. The deadline to complete the survey is July 17. 


Thank you for your feedback and your continued commitment to advancing Power to the Profession.


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