Medicaid Alert: Urge Your Member of Congress to Vote No

March 8, 2017

DEC and CEC are concerned that the Medicaid refinancing proposal that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is considering this week jeopardizes health care for the nation’s most vulnerable children: children with disabilities, children in poverty, and infants and toddlers. Specifically, a per capita allotment system for states will undermine state’s ability to provide America’s neediest children access to vital health care that ensures they have adequate educational and developmental opportunities and can contribute to society.


Medicaid is cost-effective and an efficient way to fund essential health care services for children. In fact, while children comprise almost half of Medicaid beneficiaries, less than one in five dollars spent by Medicaid is consumed by children. Accordingly, a per capita allotment, even one that is based on different groups of beneficiaries, will disproportionately harm children’s access to care, including services received at s