DEC Recommended Practices Commission: Call for Commission Members

March 8, 2017

The DEC Recommended Practices Commission is responsible for updating DEC’s Recommended Practices. The Commission ensures that DEC’s Recommended Practices inform and improve the quality of services provided to young children with disabilities and their families.  The Commission approves and formalizes the guiding principles and criteria for identifying, revising, and validating the practices. The Commission ensures the active engagement of DEC members and advises DEC on dissemination related to the DEC Recommended Practices.


The Commission has issued the 2014 revised practices and is continuing the ongoing work of the Commission as follows:

  • Identify, validate, and synthesize evidence in support of the 2014 revised Recommended Practices

  • Conduct or commission evidence-based reviews of the 2014 Recommended Practices on an ongoing basis

  • Identify when modifications or additions are needed to the 2014 Recommended Practices

  • Consider a process for integrating and aligning the 2014 Recommended Practices and evidence with products and other planned activities using an online platform


For more information on the DEC Recommended Practices, click here


DEC is currently recruiting two additional individuals to serve on the DEC Recommended Practices Commission.  Ideally, these two positions would include an ECSE practitioner and a researcher.


The DEC Recommended Practices Commission functions as a necessary and significant arm of the DEC Executive Office. The Division for Early Childhood Recommended Practices Commission is an officially recognized body of DEC members who are supported by the DEC Executive Office and liaisons from the DEC Executive Board. The DEC Recommended Practices Commission reflects the formal positions of the Division for Early Childhood and participates in developing, maintaining, and evolving strategies and initiatives that are critical and central to supporting DEC’s mission and beliefs.


The DEC Recommended Practices Commission is a volunteer body comprised of DEC members in good standing. Members of the Commission are volunteers and are not considered members of the DEC Executive Board.


Now is your chance to lead!


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