Recruiting NEW aRPy Ambassadors!

Applications are due February 22, 2021

In partnership with the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children and Parent to Parent of Georgia/the Region B PTAC, the ECTA Center is recruiting a new cohort of Ambassadors.

If you would like to nominate someone to take advantage of this opportunity, please send them the link to the application request.

What is an aRPy Ambassador?

The ECTA Center established the aRPy Ambassador initiative to disseminate information about and promote the use of the DEC Recommended Practices (RPs). aRPy Ambassadors help build state capacity to use the ECTA Center’s Practice Improvement Tools to support implementation of RPs by local practitioners and families.

The ECTA Center’s Practice Improvement Tools are aimed at bringing awareness and support to the dissemination and use of the DEC RPs, and include: Performance Checklists, Practice Guides for Practitioners, Practice Guides for Families, online modules, and training materials.


We are recruiting ten (10) new Ambassadors to include five (5) professional Ambassadors (state agency representatives, IHE, technical assistance and professional development organizations) and five (5) family-level Ambassadors representing the Parent Centers (PTIs, CPRCs, and PTACs) to become part of the aRPy Ambassador Initiative. Ambassadors will receive TA resources and support from the ECTA Center and DEC. Individuals should apply with the support of their Parent Center, DEC Subdivision leaders, state Early Intervention coordinator (Part C), or state Preschool Special Education Coordinator (Section 619).


We are looking for Individuals who:

· Share a commitment to improving systems, services, and outcomes for young children, including those with, or at risk for disabilities and their families

· Are highly motivated and willing to work collaboratively to further the use of the DEC Recommended Practices, including the development of cohort-determined products or tools

· Can be involved for a minimum of 4 hours per month over a 24-month period, in addition to a monthly web-based meeting

· Can participate in an initial orientation (April 2021) and the annual DEC conferences (September 2021, 2022 Date TBD)

· Obtain a letter of support from their state agency, or parent center, and work supervisor, to be considered for an aRPy Ambassador and take on this role as part of their work duties and responsibilities

· Are able and willing to collaborate with other groups and entities, including early intervention, early childhood special education, early childhood/agencies/organizations

· Have excellent presentation and written and verbal communication skills

Opportunities for aRPy Ambassadors

Individuals selected as an aRPy Ambassador will have the opportunity to:

· Have exclusive access and orientation to the Ambassador Toolkit

· Become well-informed about the DEC Recommended Practices and the ECTA Center RP Products

· Collaborate with fellow Ambassadors to develop and share strategies and resources and to advise ECTA Center on new RP-related products

· Identify existing opportunities to disseminate and/or train on the products within their states

· Develop and implement a work plan with at least two goals for their role as an aRPy Ambassador that would be aligned with a state improvement effort

· Participate in documentation and evaluation of aRPy Ambassador activities to help refine and expand the aRPy Ambassadors program

· Have fun!

Applications are due February 22, 2021. Applicants will be notified of their status by March 22, 2021.

Request an Application

Questions? Email Allison Jones:

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