NEW IDEA Funds in COVID-19 Bill Thanks to Your Advocacy Efforts

Good News— Thanks to your advocacy efforts there are IDEA Funds in COVID-19 Bill!

The emergency COVID-19 bill that passed the full Senate last Saturday included some dedicated one-time only funds for IDEA Part B 611, Part B 619, and Part C. The amounts include:

  • $2.5 billion for Part B

  • $200 million for Section 619

  • $250 million for Part C

Division for Early Childhood has worked throughout the last year with our partners to secure these additional IDEA funds to respond to the COVID-19 needs. While we are very disappointed there were no additional funds for Part D of IDEA, we are very pleased and appreciative for these critical IDEA funds. This is the first time IDEA funds have been targeted in any of the COVID legislation. We have many partners and their advocacy efforts to thank for this great news!

The bill now needs to be passed by the House. It is expected to pass the House today or tomorrow and go right to the President’s desk for signature by the end of this week. No changes are expected in the bill before House passage.

DEC will continue to provide additional information as we receive it.

Thank you all for making this happen! More good work to follow!

Read a full press release on this news here.

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