NEW ECTA Resource | Preschool During the Pandemic: Early Childhood Education in Extraordinary Times

NEW Resource from DEC Partner Organization, ECTA

Preschool During the Pandemic: Early Childhood Education in Extraordinary Times

It's been said that "necessity is the mother of invention". When the pandemic struck last year, practitioners in early education and early childhood special education, and parents came together to support young children and their families through remote service delivery. This multi-part video series, developed by Larry Edelman, features preschool staff and families from five states and illustrates their working together to use technology to make the virtual learning experience exciting, effective and engaging for young children.

Currently, there are 12 videos in the series, each ranging from five to 16 minutes in length. The videos cover the perspectives of professionals and parents on topics such as inclusion, equity and family support, the challenges and joys of remote learning, hands-on and play-based experiences, a family's approach to supporting a preschooler in a virtual environment, promoting social skills, relationships and positive social emotional development and the use of green screens to engage preschoolers.

The ECTA Center is a program of the FPG Child Development Institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, funded through cooperative agreement number H326P170001 from the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the Department of Education's position or policy. Project Officer: Julia Martin Eile

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