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Family Scholarships Are Now Available - DEC 2024

A parent and her two children hug

The Division for Early Childhood will be offering a limited number of Family Scholarships in the amount of $500 to support the conference attendance of families of children ages 0-8 receiving Early Intervention and/or Early Childhood Special Education services. These scholarships can be used to pay for costs related to travel, hotel accommodations, or childcare. Sadia and Matt, two former family scholarship recipients, share their experience attending the DEC conference below.

"I was fortunate to receive a family scholarship to attend the DEC’s 36th Annual Conference. The conference was very well organized and the DEC Family Committee provided so many wonderful supports for the scholarship recipients such as peer mentoring, family orientation, and debriefing sessions along with a very welcoming and interactive family lounge. Not only was I able to learn from the amazing speakers and increase my confidence and competence as a parent but I was also able to connect with so many wonderful families from around the country which further contributed to my growth as a parent and as a family leader. The DEC Conference inspired me to stay connected with DEC and hence I joined the DEC Family Committee and the DEC Committee on Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice." Sadia B.

“This scholarship, combined with funding I received from my state’s DD Council, allowed me to attend my first DEC Conference. I went to the conference hoping to attend some good sessions and learn things that would help me be a better parent and advocate, and I did, but the real value for me was meeting other parents and professionals from all over the world who valued my perspective as a parent, who wanted to include me in their councils and committees, and who continue to serve as resources for me when I have questions or need help. I also got the chance to meet and spend time with DEC Family Committee members, who all encouraged me to share my experiences and helped me navigate the conference itself. Now I can’t wait to attend my first in-person conference as a member of DEC and the DEC Family Committee!” Matt N.

Families, please consider applying! We would love to hear your voice at the conference.

Apply for a Family Scholarship here. Please submit an application for the scholarship by Thursday, June 20, 2024, 11:59 PM Eastern.

If you have any questions, please contact Toni Miguel,, and Matt Nelson,


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