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Professional Development (PD) CoP

The Professional Development Community of Practice (PD CoP) is a place for individuals who are designing and delivering professional development and/or technical assistance within the field of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE). Participants become part of a community that has a common interest in providing high quality professional development to the EI/ECSE workforce. The PD CoP offers participants a variety of ways to connect with colleagues, share resources, engage in problem-solving, celebrate success, and explore new ideas together.

Join the PD CoP

When you join the PD CoP you become a member of a peer-to-peer group of professionals committed to training and supporting the EI/ECSE workforce. The short membership form gathers pertinent information about each member that can be used to facilitate networking, resource-sharing, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Please join the PD CoP to receive email alerts and calendar invites for future meetings

Meeting & Events

Please Note: DEC CoP events do not include certificates of attendance.


The PD CoP meets quarterly for 60 minutes on the second Tuesday of the month from 2:00pm-3:00pm ET. It is open to both DEC members and non-members. Anyone with interest in PD for the EI/ECSE workforce is encouraged to join, even if attendance at meetings is a challenge. Additional ways for participants to stay informed, ask questions, seek support, and share expertise with the community are available.


2024 Meeting Schedule

  • Tuesday, February 13, 2024

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024

  • Tuesday, August 13, 2024

  • Tuesday, November 12, 2024

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