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Young Exceptional Children is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal produced by DEC.


YEC is a practical resource designed for teachers, administrators, therapists, family members, and others who work with young children with disabilities. DEC members receive YEC as a member benefit. Nonmembers, including institutions, can subscribe to YEC separately.


Learn How to View YEC Online with Your DEC Membership

Contact Information

Editor: Angel Fettig, University of Washington
Managing Editor: Mischa McManus, University of Washington

Associate Editors: 

Kathleen Artman-Meeker, University of Washington

Christan Coogle, George Mason University

Lillian Duran, University of Oregon

Justin Lane, University of Kentucky

Hailey Love, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Kathleen Zimmerman, University of Kansas

Editorial Board 

Young Exceptional Children’s editorial board is made up of DEC members committed to promoting policies and advancing evidence-based practices to support the optimal development of young children with disabilities.

Zhe Gigi An, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Erin Barton, Vanderbilt University

Ching-I Chen, Kent State University

Serra De Arment, Virginia Commonwealth University

Veronica Fleury, Florida State University

Amber Friesen, San Francisco State University

Ariane Gauvreau, University of Washington

Christine Hancock, Wayne State University

Jessica Hardy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Lori Meyer, University of Vermont

Alina Mihai, Indiana University Kokomo

Chelsea Morris, University of New Mexico

Sloan Storie, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Tran Templeton, Columbia University, USA

Charis Wahman, Michigan State University

Hasan Zaglahwan, University of Northern Colorado

Ann Mickelson, University of North Carolina Charlotte


YEC ensures that DEC fulfills its mission to promote evidence-based practices that ultimately benefit the children and families who receive ECSE/EI services. YEC is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the dissemination of high-quality research and evidence-based practices focused on supporting young children with disabilities, their families, and professionals in the field.

YEC is widely circulated within and outside the United States through our individual and institutional subscribers (including all DEC members).

Find out how to submit your work to YEC.

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