DEC’s Monograph Series offer resources for use in coursework, training, technical assistance, and other forms of professional development. Each monograph is organized around a current theme related to supporting young children of diverse abilities and their families. Each monograph has articles on evidence-based practices, individual perspectives, and new research, all followed by a section of high-quality, no/low cost resources (Resources Within Reason) on the same topic.

Here is an example of how any professional development provider could use resources found within a Young Exceptional Children monograph to support knowledge acquisition and application in a course or presentation.

Read (e.g., “Differentiating Language Difference versus Language Impairment in Young Dual Language Learners” from Monograph Series #14).

Then discuss the article (in person or online)
1, What are three things that you learned?
2. What implications does this article have for working with children and/or classroom practices?
3. What is one thing you would like to do or change after reading this article?