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Acquiring assistive tool (or technology) solutions is a process not an event. It starts with considering and trialing a variety of tools until the “fit” between the user and the solution seems to be successful. However, there are instances when: 1) the time between the identification of a solution and the delivery of the tool to an individual is extraordinarily long; 2) even simple tools can be costly and are often paid for by the consumer; and 3) the “just right fit” tool might not be commercially available. To address these issues one idea is the installation of a Maker Movement that provides opportunity for ordinary people to design, create and build extraordinary assistive tools for individuals with disabilities. Real life examples from a local initiative called “fabricATe” will demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach that provides families and children with access to low- and light- assistive tool solutions. Access to the tools in turn promotes access to and participation in everyday routines and activities and finally and multiple opportunities for learning. This approach compliments the process described in the DEC distributed “CARA’s Kit for Preschoolers" (2007).


Participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about working with family and other adults to modify and adapt the physical environment to promote each child’s access to and participation in learning experiences.
  • Explore real-life stories about how a community-oriented maker movement is identifying and meeting children's needs for assistive technology.
  • Leave the session with a plan to create a low-tech assistive tool to promote a child's access to and participation in learning experiences.


Presenters: Suzanne Milbourne, PhD

Suzanne Milbourne, pediatric occupational therapist is founding member of a DYI maker-initiative called fabricATe. Suzanne is the co-author of the highly regarded CARA’s Kits and the TAM Technology Fan for Young Children and of numerous articles and presentations on assistive technology in early childhood associated with DEC.

Ordinary People Design and Build Extraordinary Assistive Tools

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