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Practical Dilemma

Mr. Honey is an early childhood special education teacher in a co-taught inclusive preschool classroom. He is trying to think of new ways to support his multilingual learners with disabilities, including facilitating peer interactions, helping them meet their individualized education program (IEP) goals and general curricular goals, and supporting their cultural and linguistic expression as a part of class learning activities.


A child’s early intervention (EI) team would like to help her family identify ways to incorporate new learning opportunities into their daily routines, such as family meals, bath time, and dressing.


The Instruction Resource Bundle identifies existing resources that would support practitioners in addressing the above practical dilemmas using Division of Early Childhood Recommended Practices (DEC RPs) under the Instruction topic area. Additional Instruction topic materials are included in the bundle. Other Recommended Practice topic areas would also be relevant, including Environment, Interaction, Family, and Teaming and Collaboration to support the practical dilemmas. However, the present bundle only focuses on resources supporting Instruction related Recommended Practices.

DEC Recommended Practices Instruction Resource Bundle

  • This product is a digital file offered for FREE to the DEC community.

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