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The DEC Board

Board Structure

The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Board utilizes a structure of Policy Governance to focus their time and effort on ensuring accountability of the organization in fulfilling its organizational purpose.


The Board has three primary responsibilities:

  1. Ownership Linkage: Connecting with owners (DEC members and community stakeholders) to learn their values about what outcomes they desire for the organization and what means of reaching these outcomes would be unacceptable to them.

  2. Policy Development: Translating into policy what the owners tell the Board they want as DEC outcomes, assigning responsibility for meeting the DEC outcomes and setting the ethical and practical limitations necessary to protect the organization.

  3. Assurance of Organizational Performance: Monitoring the DEC Office staff and board behavior to ensure that DEC demonstrates reasonable progress toward desired DEC’s outcomes and reasonable compliance with the policies guiding the means to reach the outcomes.

DEC Board Policies:
The DEC Board recognizes its role in providing vision and leadership for the organization. Policy Governance enables the Board to focus on the larger issues, to delegate with clarity, to rigorously evaluate accomplishments, and to truly lead the organization.  Board Policies - June 10, 2022

DEC Ends:
The Policy Governance structure provides a way for a nonprofit board to develop a vision and future. DEC's Ends Statements were developed by the Executive Board and serve as the strategic outcomes for DEC. Ends are often described as "your organization's destination, its bottom line, the difference your organization exists to make in the world or what your organization is for." (Oliver, 2009, p. 90).    DEC Ends Statements

Past Presidents: 

Thank you to these individuals that have served as Past Presidents on the Executive Board of DEC:

1973 Rose Engel
1974 Howard Spicker
1975 K. Eileen Allen
1976 Nicholas Anatasiow
1977 Jenni W. Klein
1978 Michael Guralnick
1979 April Beavers
1980 Merle B. Karnes
1981 Anne R. Sanford
1982 Talbot L. Black
1983 Bea Gold
1984 Warren Umansky
1985 Amy L. Toole
1986 Lisbeth Vincent

1987 Corinne Garland

1988 Carl Dunst

1989 Crystal Kaiser

1990 George Jesien
1991 Susan A. Fowler
1992 Christine Salisbury
1993 Philippa Campbell
1994 Deborah A. Ziegler
1995 Tess Bennett
1996 Ann Hains
1997 Mary McLean
1998 Mary Louise Hemmeter
1999 David Sexton
2000 Jerry Christensen

2001 Vicki Stayton

2002 Jennifer Kilgo 

2003 Laurie Dinnebeil 

2004 Beth Rous

2005 Lynette Chandler

2006 Tweety Yates

2007 Mark Innocenti
2008 Susan Maude
2009 Virginia Buysse
2010 Rosa Milagros Santos
2011 Kristie Pretti-Frontczak
2012 Bonnie Keilty
2013 Carol Trivette

2014 Juliann Woods

2015 Erin. E. Barton

2016 Diana LaRocco

2017 Eva Horn 

2018 Ted Burke

2019 Megan Vinh

2020 Amanda Quesenberry

2021 Darla Gundler





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