Subdivision Support Committee


The Subdivision Support Committee provides support and guidance for DEC subdivisions.



The purpose of the DEC Subdivision Support Committee is to support state subdivisions ensuring that subdivisions are a vital part of DEC. This includes recruitment and development of new subdivisions as well as structure for subdivision development through:

  • providing guidance to subdivision leaders, 

  • drafting and disseminating subdivision annual report and action plan templates, and

  • analyzing subdivision annual reports, action plans and communicating with subdivisions to determine strengths and needs of subdivisions.

The DEC Subdivision Support Committee will strive to expand the subdivision work to include:

  • a focus on undergraduate and graduate student subdivision chapters in institutes of higher education,

  • teaming across subdivisions, and

  • collaboration between committee and subdivisions to the work of other committees such as Families, Policy & Advocacy, and Leadership Development.

For more information contact Committee Chair, Julie Rutland at


Past National Subdivision Officer Meetings


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