Early Childhood Funding Increases: Your Advocacy at Work

December 18, 2019

DEC extends our gratitude for your continued voices in seeking additional funding for Early Childhood programs. We are pleased the announce the House has passed the following increases for Early Childhood programs and expect the funding bill to pass the Senate and move on for the President’s signature in the coming days.​ 

  • Part C of IDEA- $7 million increase ($477 million total) 

  • Preschool Part B/619- $3 million increase ($394 million total) 

  • IDEA Part B- $400 million increase (3.48 billion total) 

  • Preschool Development Grants-$25 million increase to be used for the upcoming December 2019 awards 

  • Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant-$10 million increase 

  • University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities-$1 million increase 

  • Head Star