Journal of Early Intervention (JEI) Editor Announcement

June 12, 2019

The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) is pleased to announce the new co-editors for the Journal of Early Intervention (JEI), Drs. Brian Reichow and Brian Boyd. Drs. Reichow and Boyd will begin serving a 5-year term starting in July 2019.


Dr. Reichow is Associate Professor of Early Childhood Studies and Special Education and a member of the Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Florida. Dr. Reichow’s current research interests include the translation of research to practice, the use of systematic review methods and meta-analytic methods to identify evidence-based practices, and applied research involving young children with or at risk of developing disabilities and their families. Dr. Reichow is currently working with colleagues at the Anita Zucker Center on developing professional development to improve practitioners’ use of embedded intervention practices in home settings, early education and care classrooms, and other natural environments.


Dr. Boyd is the Director of Juniper Gardens Children's Project and Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas. Dr. Boyd’s current research interests include the development and evaluation of behavioral interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder; community-based research; and understanding the effects of implicit bias on children’s educational outcomes. He is currently working with a multisite group of colleagues to develop outcome measures that are appropriate for, and relevant to, children who have more intensive support needs.


DEC is committed to 1) Competent Professionals and Families; 2) Informed Professionals and Families; 3) Connections among Professionals and Families; 4) Informed Policy Makers. The JEI functions as a necessary and significant arm of the DEC Executive Office. Journals are important system influencers that reflect the formal positions of the DEC and editors and their team participate in developing, maintaining, and evolving strategies and initiatives that are critical and central to supporting DEC's mission and beliefs.


Drs. Reichow and Boyd will become the leaders of the DEC JEI team, which is a volunteer body of DEC members that serve in various roles for the journal, including associate editors, editorial board members, and reviewers. These individuals serve the purpose of providing strategic direction and proposed recommendations for DEC’s JEI efforts.


On behalf of DEC Executive Board and DEC Members, please join me in offering our sincere gratitude to Dr. Laurie Dinnebeil, the outgoing editor of the journal, for her outstanding work on JEI over the last five years and in welcoming Drs. Reichow and Boyd as the new co-editors of the Journal of Early Intervention. 


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