Call for DEC Conference Committee Members

April 2, 2019

Exciting News! We are re-envisioning our DEC Conference Committee. The new DEC Conference Committee structure provides a unique opportunity to take a deeper dive into the work behind the scenes at our international conference. Serving as a committee member will provide an excellent opportunity for you to network with others in the field and stay current on emerging issues while contributing to the continuing evolution of research, practice, and family engagement in early intervention and early childhood special education.


Our goal is to have a conference committee where members will serve multi-year terms. This structure allows for a combination of members that are new to the work, as well as members who are a bit more seasoned serving on the committees each year. However, in this, our initial recruitment year, we will be asking for members to serve either a 2- or 3-year term to achieve this goal.


Are You Ready to Join a Committee?

Conference Committee Members must be active DEC members. Use the following information to check on your membership status and retrieve your Member ID number: 

Login to your CEC account here OR call 888-232-7733.

Click here to complete the application May 3rd, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


Benefits to Becoming DEC Conference Committee Members:
You will establish professional relationships with individuals from other geographic areas and disciplines, broadening your knowledge and perspectives. These relationships often are maintained for years, providing opportunities to informally share experiences, discuss mutual issues, and obtain guidance.


Roles of Conference Committee Members:
Alongside the Executive Office, the DEC Conference Committee provides opportunities for DEC members to work together in the following committees:

  • Marketing and Publicity Committee – assists DEC in promoting the conference, identifies opportunities for media coverage, and provides information to regional groups/agencies before and during the conference. This committee will identify listservs and other electronic sources of promotion for the conference. All written communication about the DEC Conference will be drafted by the DEC Executive Office.

  • Information, Communication, & Technology Committee – assists DEC with coordinating ADA accommodations/special needs services (as requested), coordinating signage on-site, locating projectors, creating a system for tracking projectors, and organizing and tracking projectors at the conference.

  • New Members & First-Time Attendees Initiatives Committee – DEC thrives on its membership and is always looking for opportunities to grow and develop members. This committee is tasked with welcoming new members and attendees and helping to cultivate strong connections to the organization. This committee should brainstorm ways to accomplish this goal and then work with the Executive Office to fulfill those ideas.

  • Volunteer Committee – is responsible for recruiting volunteers and ensuring that all volunteers register for the conference and are notified of their assigned volunteer role and schedule. Each year, 30–40 volunteers are needed to make the conference run smoothly. The DEC Executive Office works closely with this committee.

  • Local Action Committee – Gather, create, and distribute information and discount opportunities for local restaurants, shopping, and transportation. Additionally, the committee will generate leads for organizations, colleges, universities, businesses, and others who can provide financial support or other resources essential to the conference. IMPORTANT: Since this committee changes year-to-year, depending on the location of the conference, the prior year LAC will mentor the next year’s committee.


Committees Use a Variety of Approaches in Conducting Their Activities:

  • Conference Committee meetings are held on varying schedules depending on the current scope of work

  • Individual Committee meetings (when needed).

  • Telecommunications, including conference calls, e-mail, and remote conferencing services (Zoom or GoToMeeting) are used to facilitate individual and group work.


Thank you for considering this opportunity! We look forward to hearing from you!

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