Call for DEC Family Committee Members

April 1, 2019

The DEC Family Committee is recruiting for our Team.
You’re invited to take this opportunity to be an engaged and active member of DEC!
Charge of the Family Committee
The charge of the Family Committee is to support DEC in promoting the authentic engagement of families in all DEC activities and to provide support towards the accomplishment of DEC’s Ends. The Committee supports DEC in these efforts by working collaboratively with the Executive Office Staff and other DEC Committees. As such, the charge of the Family Committee includes ensuring families are involved in the following activities:  

  • DEC Membership Activities: supporting activities generally as well as outreach to families as potential members

  • Conferences and meetings: including parents and family members serving as presenters and attendees

  • Publications and Products: insuring all DEC publications and product development activities are inclusive of families whenever appropriate.  Examples include having parent/family members as authors, co-authors, and reviewers of DEC publications.

  • Position Statements: insuring that position statement work groups are inclusive of parent/family members and as well insuring position statement content is inclusive of the family perspective and experience whenever appropriate;

  • Communities of Practice: working to support COPs to at minimum seek family input on their activities the inclusion of family members in the COP. 

  • State Subdivisions: promoting parent and family member participation on state subdivision boards. Examples include advocating for the practice of giving one free conference registration for a parent subdivision member.


Family Committee Composition
2 Chairs on alternating 2-year terms:

  • EI/ECSE Co-Chair (Professional role)

  • EI/ECSE Co-Chair (Parent role)

6 Members-at-large:

  • Member-at-large - Higher Education

  • Member-at-large - Direct Service Provider (EI)

  • Member-at-large - Direct Service Provider (ECSE)

  • Member-at-large - Parent of Child/children currently receiving services

  • Member-at-large - Parent Child/children no longer receiving services

  • Member-at-large - Non-specified Parent


While DEC understands that most members of the Family Committee likely represent both parent and professional roles, it is critical that when serving as a designated “parent member”, the parent/family perspective is the only perspective that officer represents. All officers of the Family Committee have a responsibility to replace themselves in the committee by means of example, recruitment, and mentorship of an ongoing, changing slate of new members.


Family Committee Member Qualifications and Expectations

  • Must be a DEC member in good standing 

  • Have significant interest in engaging families at all levels

  • Willing to serve a two-year term with possible reappointment

  • Be able to respond to queries promptly and provide input

  • Attend and contribute to monthly Family Committee team Zoom calls

  • Make the necessary time commitment (approximately 6 hours per month)


DEC Committees
The DEC Family Committee functions as a necessary and significant arm of the DEC Executive Office.  DEC’s Committees are officially recognized bodies comprised of DEC members that are supported by the DEC Executive Office and are liaised by members of the DEC Executive Board. DEC Committees embrace and support the division’s formal positions and proactively participate in developing, maintaining, and evolving strategies and initiatives central to supporting DEC’s mission and ends policies.


Apply by Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 for consideration. Complete the application here. 



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