July 28, 2017


Thank you!


After a long week and a very late night of debate and amendments on the Senate floor, early this morning the Senate voted “NO” on the final Senate version of the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This bill, The Health Care Freedom Act, was released several hours before the vote and was ultimately defeated with 49 Senators in favor of the bill and 51 Senators against it.  


This is the result of you--DEC Members-- and many other families and advocacy groups sharing their voices with Senators. Your voice DOES make a difference and DEC thanks you for your amazing efforts!  DEC will continue to provide you with information and tools as you continue to advocate for young children with disabilities and their families.


Today is a day to pause and feel positive about your successful efforts! It is also the day to THANK your Senators if they voted NO early this morning.  The ACA and current Medicaid provisions are still the law of the land.


Work will still be needed, as new attempts to repeal and replace the ACA and cut and cap Medicaid will surely begin again.


Thank you for your advocacy and for always standing up for our young children with disabilities and their families. Please take a breath, get ready for more, and always remember, YOUR VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

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