June 23, 2017

The Senate Healthcare bill was released Thursday, June 22 and it is on a fast track with a vote likely by June 29.  Senators need to hear from you NOW!  Tell them to vote NO on the American Healthcare Act. Call your Senator’s offices and send letters/emails now! One of the biggest concerns is the bill will include Medicaid per capita caps.  A per capita allotment, even one that is based on different groups of beneficiaries, will disproportionately harm children’s access to care, including services received at schools and early childhood programs. Medicaid is a cost effective and efficient way to fund essential health care services for children. Medicaid helps more than 37 million children thrive. Both your Senators need to hear from you that Medicaid is essential in supporting development and education of young children with disabilities.



Visit CEC's Legislative Action Center to write you Senators and tell them to vote "NO" on any provisions to weaken Medicaid including: a per capita cap system and overall reductions in Medicaid funding. Write your Senators today!



Find the phone numbers for your Senators here and call their offices. Use the script below for your call. Be sure to call both of your Senators! If the line is busy, keep calling!

Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent. I urge the Senator to reject Medicaid caps and cuts. Any bill that caps or cuts federal funding for Medicaid threatens vital health care that ensures young children with disabilities have adequate educational and developmental opportunities now so that they can contribute to society in the future.



Find your Senators’ Twitter handles here. Use the sample tweet below to tag your Senators. Be sure to tweet at both of your Senators!

#Medicaid pays for necessary #SpecialEd services that students w/disabilities need to succeed, #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps @(Insert Senator’s Twitter handle)! 



Use the post below (or your own) to ask your networks to join us!

34 million children continue to hang in the balance of the Senate health care debate and our Senators need to hear from us! Call TODAY and let them know that Medicaid is a crucial service for young children with disabilities!  #Save Medicaid #NoCutsNoCaps


For more information, check out the letter that DEC signed jointly with many other organizations and delivered to Capitol Hill on May 2, 2017 as part of Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition.





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