Research Committee


The DEC Research Committee is charged to provide guidance and oversight of research related activities and initiatives informed by the DEC mission, ends, and priority issues agenda in partnership with the Executive Director/EO to the formal work of DEC as an organization are generated to meet the needs of the field. The Research Committee will be responsible for promoting structure and frameworks to ensure that DEC’s research activities and agenda reflect the depth and breadth of EI/ECSE and are current and responsive to the field. DEC Research Committee activities and initiatives should lead the field in supporting EI/ECSE personnel preparation and professional development, advance the science of EI/ECSE, and promote high-quality EI/ECSE service delivery to enhance outcomes for young exceptional children and their families. The DEC Research Committee is to support research-related activities and initiatives to assure adequate focus on each component of the charge such as maintaining the Research Review Panel.


Research Committee

Mothers and their Baby

The DEC Research Committee spotlights DEC members conducting Interdisciplinary Research. 


Current Spotlight: Dr. Michaela DuBay Assistant Professor, Department of Human Services, University of Virginia

Online Learning

The DEC Research Committee considers requests for research from individuals or entities that want access to member information to be used in the conduct of research. If you are interested in conducting research using information pertaining to DEC, please complete the DEC Research Request form below. The form will be reviewed by the DEC Research Committee Chairs; you will receive a response in two to three weeks upon completion. Questions? Please email