The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) produces and sells a variety of products. These products facilitate our work in advancing evidence-based practices, supporting families, and enhance the optimal development of young children (0-8) who have or are at risk for developmental delays and disabilities. Products provide a crucial revenue stream and important mechanism for promoting DEC as an organization. The primary charge of the Publications and Products Advisory Committee is to ensure all publications, products, and related groups (e.g., panel of excellence, JEI and YEC editors and boards, monographs editors, recommended practices commission, technology committee, position statement groups, learning deck/webinar developers, institute developers) are working in unison toward the mission of DEC. This committee will provide guidance and oversight to ensure DEC products are generated in response to the needs of the field and support the DEC mission. DEC products should lead the field in supporting EI/ECSE professional development, advance the science of EI/ECSE, and promote high-quality service delivery and successful outcomes for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. The Publications and Products Advisory Committee will be responsible for creating structure and frameworks to ensure the DEC’s products and publications represent the depth and breadth of EI/ECSE, are current and responsive to needs of the field, and provide new and sustainable revenue streams to support DEC. This committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board and the Executive Office. 

Committee Roster

Patricia Blasco (Chair)

Ariane Gauvreau
Brian Reichow
Carla Peterson
Crystal Bishop
Dale Walker
Deborah Bruns
Elizabeth Steed
Lori Ebrederis Meyer

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