Alignment of Standards

Relationship of DEC Specialty Sets with Other Standards and Recommended Practices

The following resources may be helpful tools for faculty and professional development providers developing and updating coursework, grant proposals and training materials.

DEC, CEC, and NAEYC Alignments

​Both the Initial and Advanced CEC (2012) and NAEYC (2010) Professional Preparation Standards and DEC Specialty Sets (2017) were aligned to identify similarities and differences.  These alignments may facilitate the development/modification of blended personnel preparation programs and serve as a resource for development of blended state licensure.

Cross Disciplinary Early Childhood Competency Areas

​The following resources include a comparison of common areas of competence across disciplines which were developed by seven national organizations representing disciplines providing services in early childhood intervention.  Competency areas aligned include: Collaboration and Coordination; Family-Centered Practice; Evidence-Based Practice; and Professionalism.


Crosswalk with DEC Recommended Practices

The following documents demonstrate how the initial CEC (2012) and NAEYC (2010) professional preparation standards and DEC Specialty Set align with DEC Recommended practices and include sample activities/assignments that could be included in higher education or professional development “courses” and field-based practice.


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