Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Personnel Preparation Committee is to work in collaboration with and under the direction of the DEC Executive Office to complete projects and initiatives associated with preservice and in-service personnel preparation. The Committee facilitates discussions and interactions with other related stakeholders (such as Council for Exceptional Children and National Association for the Education of Young Children) in the training of individuals who work with young children with disabilities and their families. The Committee also creates policy documents and disseminates relevant information to support the preparation of a well-informed and well-developed Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education workforce.


The work of the Committee is completed by the Personnel Preparation Committee (PPC) as a whole or distributed across two personnel preparation strands whichever is most relevant for the task:  (1) Professional Development (PD) and (2) Institutions of Higher Education (IHE).


  1. The PD strand primarily focuses on issues and strategies related to practitioners in the work force, birth-to third grade, to ensure high quality, ongoing professional learning opportunities.

  2. The IHE strand primarily focuses on issues and strategies related to promoting consistency and quality of preservice personnel preparation which includes initial and advanced preparation standards, degree programs, state certification/licensure, and accreditation.


The Leadership Team which includes the PPC Chair, the PD Strand Chair, the IHE Strand Chair, and the liaisons to the CoPs ensures adherence to DEC’s Ends and other policies, provides general oversight for the Committee and Strands, and drafts the annual work plan.

           Download the PPC Organizational Flowchart here.

Personnel Preparation Committee Structure

Communities of Practice:  Four Communities of Practice are “housed within” the Personnel Preparation Committee: (1) Professional Development https://www.decpd.org, (2) Early Intervention http://www.decei.org, (3) Service Coordination https://www.dec-sped.org/servicecoordinationcop, and (4) DECIDE https://www.decdecide.org.  Each Community of Practice has a liaison from the PPC membership.


Chairperson and Strand Leaders:                

  • Chair: Vicki Stayton

  • IHE Strand Leader: Sandra Robbins

  • PD Strand Leader: Sarah Nichols


  • DEC Executive Board : Cori Hill

  • DECIDE: Laura McCorkle

  • Early Intervention CoP: Ann Mickelson

  • Inclusion, Equity and Social Justice Liaison to the Development Committee: Hailey Love

  • Professional Development CoP: vacant

  • Service Coordination CoP: Sarah Nichols

Committee Members:

Linda Flynn-Wilson | Natalie Danner | Eva Horn | Jennifer Kilgo | Hailey Love, Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice Liaison to Development Committee | Laura McCorkle | Ann Mickelson | Sarah Nichols | Sandra Robbins | Cynthia Vail | Harriet Able | Cori Hill, DEC Executive Board Liaison

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For more information, please contact DEC's Personnel Preparation Committee Chair, Vicki Stayton, vicki.stayton@wku.edu