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Response to Intervention


Division for Early Childhood is revising the 2013 “Frameworks for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood: Description and Implications”. The purpose of the revised paper is to share lessons learned and to offer future directions.

DEC is seeking feedback on the current draft of the position paper! Learn more here.

Thanks to all who expressed interest in being a part of the workgroup responsible for revising the 2013 “Frameworks for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood: Description and Implications” position statement. 

Because so many viable applications were received, co-chairs Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown decided to form three sub-groups.

  • One sub-group will be responsible for gathering feedback from the field, which is actually three small groups (social media, survey, and focus group leads)

  • One sub-group will be responsible for outlining/writing

  • One sub-group will be responsible for advising and editing

The gathering feedback sub-group has identified a process for soliciting information from the field at large with an emphasis on DEC members. They have already completed a literature review to help guide use of common terminology. Please watch for opportunities to join a focus group and/or complete various surveys. We hope you’ll also follow DEC on Social Media and share the calls to participate with your colleagues.

The co-chairs are also meeting with the advisory and editorial sub-group in mid-April. During these initial conversations, members of this sub-group will be asked to share their experiences with RTI/MTSS and the share about the direction they see the paper needing to head. In early to mid-May, the writing sub-group will outline a first draft of the paper - based upon all the input gathered through surveys, social media polls, and focus groups. 

If you have questions or concerns about the revision process, don’t hesitate to contact co-chairs Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, kristie@kristiepf.com, and Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown, jennifer.grisham-brown@uky.edu.

Work Group Members

Kristie Pretti-Frontczak - Co-Chair

Jennifer Grisham-Brown - Co-Chair

Social Media, Survey and Focus Groups Volunteers

Ashley Lyons 

Christy Bezrutczyk

Quintella Bounds

Rebecca Panagos

Kelly Hantak

Michelle Sands

Margaret Gillis 
Tim Zeng 
Katie Zimmerman 
Toni Miguel  
Alisha Wackerle-Hollman 

Sarah Katz

Writing Volunteers
Antoinette Taylor
Karen L. Gischlar
Robin Miller
Aimee Newswanger
Collin Shepley
Elaine Tadajewski
Kristen Missall
Marcia Blum
Lillian Duran
Jackie Davis 
Melanie Reese
Lisa Stewart
Rachel Pei-Fang Wu
Advising/Editorial Volunteers
Sara Hooks 
Brenda Robertson
Thomas Rendon
Eva Horn
LaShorage Shaffer
Christan Coogle
Megan Kunze
Nicole Edwards
Rene Grimes
Judy Carta
Estimated Timeline
  • Review feedback and outline scope of writing tasks COMPLETED

  • Write initial drafts around systems-level information, evidence-based practices, assessment and data-driven decision-making, and misconceptions COMPLETED

  • Seek input from editors, advisory workgroup, and members COMPLETED

  • Initial draft by four sub-writing groups completed COMPLETED

  • Drafts combined into a single document COMPLETED

  • Writing team and advisory team to review draft COMPLETED

  • Finalize draft of revised paper COMPLETED

  • Seek input from the field COMPLETED

  • Share with advisory and editorial group

  • Revise the paper and submit to the Executive Office and Executive Board

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