DEC is Pleased to Announce: New IDEA Part C and 619 Preschool Bill Introduced Today

Good News! Today, July 31, 2019, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA) and Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) introduced the Funding Early Childhood is the Right IDEA Act (H.R. 4107), a bipartisan bill designed to restore full funding for early intervention and preschool special education services under IDEA. The number of children requiring the services these programs provide has been increasing at a faster rate than the funding the programs are receiving. “Early childhood interventions are crucial for a child’s development, and every child, regardless of disability status, should have an equal opportunity to obtain high quality early childhood services,” said Congressman DeSaulnier. “These pr

New Resources Within Reason - July 2019

This month's issue, compiled by Camille Catlett, features resources to support equitable practices. View the full email here. Please share this information in your networks! If you have questions, contact Visit the Resources to Support Practices page here to see all archived issues.

Apply for the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC) Doctoral Student Leadership Institute

Focused on Early Childhood Intervention for Children 0-5 and Their Families ECPC will support travel, hotel accommodations, and meals. Dates: September 11th - 14th, 2019 (arrival on the evening of September 10th) Location: Avon Old Farms Hotel, Avon, CT Faculty: Ann & Rud Turnbull, Mary Beth Bruder, Darla Gundler, Peggy Kemp, Vicki Stayton, and others! Applications Due by August 7th, 2019. To Apply: The purpose of this institute is to provide knowledge and skills to doctoral students on: 1) Leadership applications in higher education and beyond 2) Research on personnel development 3) The alignment of programs of study to national personnel standards and co

Call for Manuscripts: DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series No. 8 - Transition Practices

The Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children (DEC) will publish its eighth monograph in the DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series in 2020. The topic of this monograph is transition practices. Transition refers to the events, activities, and processes associated with key changes between environments or programs during the early childhood years and the practices that support the adjustment of the child and family to the new setting. These changes can occur at various transition points: from hospital to home, into early intervention (Part C) programs, out of early intervention to community early childhood programs, into Part B/619, and to kindergarten or school-

Call for 2020-2021 Conference Co-Chair

DEC is looking for a Co-Chair for the 2020 and 2021 conferences. Join current Chair, Jacqueline Towson, and the DEC Executive Office, alongside many dedicated volunteers, in designing DEC’s most exciting annual event. With over 1200 participants, attending hundreds of sessions, the excitement at the conference is contagious! To Apply: Complete this application by July 30th, 2019. The co-chair must be a DEC member in good standing and have experience attending the DEC Annual Conference. Additionally, they will receive complimentary conference registration and travel support. Duties and Time Commitment Each year, a conference chair and co-chair work with the Executive Office to develop a meani

New Publication - International Perspectives on Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Educatio

We're excited to announce the newest publication in the Young Exceptional Children Monograph Series, Young Exceptional Children Monograph Series No. 18: International Perspectives on Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education. Building on U.N. frameworks and evidence-based practice, countries across the globe are recognizing the need to provide timely, high-quality early intervention (EI) and inclusive early childhood special education (ECSE) services. Monograph 18 highlights innovative international EI/ECSE approaches that address rights, access, equitable service delivery, DEC Recommended Practices, and inclusive early childhood education. Editors: Serra Acar, Hollie Hix-Small,

Bring the Advocacy Home for the July 4th Congressional Recess, July 1-5th

Action Alert for DEC Members and Partners Bring the Advocacy Home for the July 4th Congressional Recess, July 1-5th The time is now to ask your legislators to maximize IDEA funding including Part B, Preschool Programs, Part C and investments under Part D (professional development, technology, technical assistance and parent training information centers), as well as funding for gifted and talented and special education research. Here’s how to Take Action while your legislators are back home. Click here to visit the CEC Action Center to send a letter asking your Senators and Representative to support increased funding for IDEA!

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