Call for Input from Members and Non-Members on Multi-Tiered Models: Focus Groups for the RTI Positio

As part of the revision process, we are seeking input from members and non-members who have experience with and ideas about, multi-tiered models. As a participant in one of our focus groups, you will be asked to share lessons learned and offer future directions for implementing multi-tiered models. Your suggestions will be aggregated and offered to the writing group for full consideration. Realizing there are many different manifestations of how services are delivered across ages and settings, our workgroup has designed specific focus groups to encourage specific conversation within age groups and based upon key roles. Therefore, we invite you to sign up based upon the role or title with whi

NIEER’s 2017 State of Preschool Yearbook is available now

The State of Preschool 2017 has been released by the National Institute for Early Childhood Research (NIEER) This annual yearbook tracks state-funded preschool access, resources, and quality. The Yearbooks seek to improve the public’s knowledge and understanding of state efforts to expand the availability of high-quality education to young children in the 21st century. It is hoped that that these reports will serve as a resource for policymakers, advocates, and researchers to make more informed decisions as state-funded preschool education moves forward to further decades of progress. All the yearbooks since their

Deadline Extended - Call for Manuscripts: DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series No. 6 - Teaming

The deadline for the call for manuscripts for the sixth edition in the DEC Recommended Practices Monograph Series, Teaming and Collaboration, has been extended. Manuscripts are due May 9th. Download the full call to learn more. Submit your manuscript here. Please contact the co-editors Pam Winton (, Chelsea Guillen (, or Alana Schnitz ( for additional information about the contents of the monograph, the submission process, or initial feedback on whether your idea would be a good fit for this DEC monograph. We look forward to receiving your submission!

April E-Communicator

The April E-Communicator is available now, and includes information on the DEC Policy and Advocacy team and their efforts, calls for manuscripts and nominations, links to DEC products and publications, news, & more. View the full email here.

Call for Input: Gauging Initial Understanding of Early Childhood Multi-Tiered Models - A Survey for

We are in the process of updating DEC's paper titled Frameworks for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood and we need your help! This survey is intended to gather initial information on perceptions and applications related to early childhood multi-tiered models. Please take our brief survey to help us learn more about current issues, trends, and challenges with respect to tiered models. Sincerely, DEC Survey Work Group Take the Survey Here Download the Original Position Statement Visit the Position Statement Revision Page

DEC Responds to the Call for Comments on the Head Start Program Information Report

DEC responded to a request for public comments on the Head Start Program Information Report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. Click here to view the letter. You can also view this and letters on other topics at the DEC policy website at

Division for Early Childhood Policy and Advocacy Team: Call for Team Leader

One of the most powerful tools DEC has is the ability to use our collective voice to advocate for young children with disabilities and their families. To that end, the DEC Policy and Advocacy Team helps to develop DEC’s policy recommendations to ensure that proposed legislation, regulations, and documents from the US Departments of Education and Human Services increase opportunities for all young children including children with disabilities and their families. The Policy and Advocacy Team functions as a necessary and significant arm of the DEC Executive Office, focusing DEC’s policy and advocacy efforts by working collaboratively with the DEC Executive Office Leadership, the DEC Governmenta

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