Endorsement Panel

DEC encourages the development of high-quality products, using multiple technologies, to support the effective implementation of DEC's newly revised Recommended Practices in early intervention and early childhood special education. These products may be for families, emerging or practicing professionals, professional development providers, researchers, and/or administrators at the state, local, or agency level.

For consumers to know the products available are indeed well-developed and evidence-based, DEC is creating the Recommended Practices Endorsement Panel. This panel is charged to support, educate, and review and, if appropriate, endorse products related to DEC Recommended Practices that meet the rigorous standards expected of DEC


Have a resource you think DEC should endorse? 

The DEC Recommended Practices Endorsement Panel Founding Committee was charged with developing a transparent process for submitting resources for endorsement and standardized evaluation criteria with a related rubric for reviewing applications for endorsement. The endorsement submission and review process is now live! 


Download the resource endorsement criteria and rubric here.

All resources that have been reviewed and endorsed by the Endorsement Panel will be posted in our interactive, online Resource Library.

For additional questions, please contact DEC member and Past DEC President Bonnie Keilty at bonnie.keilty@gmail.com