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Products and Presentations
Introductory and overview resources created by the Division for Early Childhood for the Initial Practice-Based Professional Standards for Early Interventionists and Early Childhood Special Educators 2020.

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An Introduction: EI/ECSE Standards




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EI/ECSE Standards: Preparing for Program Review

Using the standards to prepare for program review.


Presenters: Margie Crutchfield, Eva Horn, and Vicki Stayton     March, 2021


The EI/ECSE Standards: Not Just for CAEP Anymore

Presenters: Peggy Kemp, Eva Horn, Vicki Stayton, and Jennifer Kilgo
September 21, 2021 

Got Resources! Ideas for Using the EI/ECSE Standards to Influence Change

Presenters: Sarah Sexton, Ann Mickelson, Natalie Dannier, Hailey Love, LaShorage Shaffer, and Vicki Stayton
September 21, 2021 


ECPC Tools and Resources to Assist Your ECI Program of Study or Syllabi Revision

Presenters: Vicki Stayton, Mary Beth Bruder, Susan Killmeyer, and Serra Acar
September 22, 2021


Using the new EI/ECSE Preparation Standards for CAEP/CEC SPA Program Review

Presenter: Margie Crutchfield
September 23, 2021