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April 18, 2014
Children's Action Network CAN

The Children’s Action Network (CAN) is a communication network that effects governmental changes at the local, state, provincial, and federal levels. The CAN network is a grassroots advocacy network that engages DEC members in policy and advocacy efforts through state and provincial units.

 Ashley Lyons photo

Ashley Lyons
CAN Coordinator

DEC is pleased to announce our new national CAN Coordinator, Ashley Lyons.  Ashley is a doctoral student at Kent State University currently engaged in research focused on identifying strategies to improve the civic engagement of practitioners and families.  Please welcome Ashley to her new role at DEC.  She will be working closely with our Subdivision leaders to strengthen DEC's advocacy efforts.  Get involved!

If you are interested in becoming more involved in DEC’s CAN, contact your DEC Subdivision to find out the name of the CAN Coordinator in your state or province. 

Don't have a Subdivision in your state or province?  Click here and we will tell you how you can be part of DEC's great policy efforts.

CAN Coordinators, click here if you have questions about your role, a great idea to share, or want to schedule some time to get ideas about energizing your Subdivision’s policy and advocacy activities.    


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