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April 21, 2014

Washington Monument.One of the most powerful tools DEC members have is the ability to use our collective voice to advocate for young children with disabilities and their families. 

As a Division of the Council for Exceptional Children, DEC has the unique advantage of  truly understanding early intervention and early childhood special education issues and being able to leverage the power of CEC--the recognized leader in advocacy for special education policy. CEC has a long history of success in impacting policy and legislation. 

From the Legislative Action Center to the Policy Insider Blog, our members have unparalleled access to policy resources and the tools to become effective advocates. 

At DEC, we have the tools to teach our members about policy, create dialogue with policymakers, and energize a network of members around the globe.   


Apply today to DEC's Policy Recommendations Council.

One of the most powerful tools DEC has is the ability to use our collective voice to advocate for young children with disabilities and their families. To that end, DEC is forming a Policy Recommendations Council that will help develop DEC’s policy recommendations to ensure that proposed legislation, regulations and documents from the US Departments of Education and Human Services increase opportunities for all young children including children with disabilities and their families.

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Advocacy Update: Let Your Members of Congress Know to Support Start Strong for America's Children Act 

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