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April 16, 2014
Pecha Kucha Session 2 Universal Design and Differentiation of Tiered Instruction


Universal Design and Differentiation of Tiered Instruction


Saturday November 19, 2011

1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Woodrow Wilson D, Level 2



Camille Catlett, FPG Child Development Institute



The Pecha Kucha session provides a unique opportunity for presenters and participants to exchange ideas regarding universal design for learning principles and differentiation of instruction. Each presenter will discuss key characteristics and findings regarding their work via a lively 6 minute and 40 second PPT presentation. Representatives from each presentation will then share information via a poster presentation while participants review and engage in conversation. A session discussant will then bring the group back together to highlight the patterns, trends, and overarching themes across the papers. Audience members will then have time to comment and/or ask additional questions.








Tier I: Creating Enriched Environments Through Differentiation 

Presenter:  Mary Ruth Coleman

All children need and deserve a challenging and enriched learning environment to help them reach their potential.  Exploring how to use differentiated instruction to provide enrichment helps us to enhance learning within Tier I.


Maximizing Children's Learning of the General Curriculum through Universal Design and Individualization

Presenter:  Eva Horn
Co-Presenters:  Joan Lieber, Susan Palmer & Gretchen Butera

This presentation describes strategies that early educators can use to ensure all children’s progress in the curriculum. These strategies include: adherence to universal design for learning and curriculum modifications for an individual child’s learning needs.


Reinventing Assistive Technology Supports Through iPad/iPod/iPhone Applications: Universal Design Accomplished!
Handouts to Download:1, 2, 3, 4

Presenter:  Kathleen Sadao
Co-Presenters:  Debbie Grant

Assistive Technology supports provide opportunities for young learners with disabilities to access curriculum and participate in learning environments.  iTechnology, such as iPads, offer new applications for expanding Assistive Technology as an innovative universal design feature.


Quality Tier 1 Instruction Through the Use of Differentiation Strategies 

Presenter:  Pam Elwood
Co-Presenters:  Melanie Reese & Ashley Lyons

Differentiation in preschool classrooms will be demonstrated through the principles of Universal Design for Learning (multiple means of representation, expression and engagement). These principles will be illustrated using a data-driven decision making model.


Universal Design for Learning: Transforming Theory into Practice

Presenter:  Sandra Hess Robbins
Co-Presenter:  Brooke Winchell

Representation, engagement, and expression …  Participants will see how one research project is transforming UDL from theory into practice. Lesson plans, videos, and exemplars of UDL in the early childhood classroom will be provided.

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